Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Buffalo Bill, and more Wild West

Well we circled back around to Western Expansion and the Wild West again in our studies of American History.  Mainly we focused this time on the Indian Wars and the West after the Civil War ended.  

Since we cover most of the Wild West before I gave Dare-Devil Boy the choice on some things about the west he wanted to learn more about.  The result was as fallowed: Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill Hickcok, the pony express, the Indian Wars and the Tall Tales that came out of that time. 

So here is some of the things we did this time around for our learning on the Wild West and the added stuff we did.  Also here is the schedule for the the things we I planed out.  It also has lots more books, activities and other things that I've added.  Click here for the schedule.



Covered Wagon
Wanted Poster (here is a picture)

Lapbooks/Notebooks & other printables:
Western Ho! (from Dynamic 2 Moms)

Oregon Trail (from Lapbook Lessons)

Pony express coloring page


We finished up the mini-series Into the West.  It the series really helped out our learning about the Indian Wars that we learned about this year.  
  • Casualties of War
  • Ghost Dance
There are a few fighting scenes that your young children might not like.  My children didn't mind.  In our house those scene were what really brought home the reality of how unfair it was.  It became a great way to talk more about what happened.  

Also here are a few of the other clips we added.

John Henry part 1 & 2

 Frontier House part 1

There are more clips and videos we used.  You can find them in the schedule up above.  Hope you enjoy some of the things we added.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Under Contruction

Well if you have been poking around her lately I've been updating my blog here as I have the time and figure out more how to use it.  I've trying to making it easier to navigate through.  Also hoping to make it less cluttered by everything.  

A few things I'm doing are:
  • Cleaning up the Homeschool Printable page. Instead of having a huge long list of things I've made as the years go on. I'm listing things by subjects.  This way each subject has its own page of printables you can look through.
  • I'm also hoping to do this with the History Extras page.  
  • There are a few other ideas I have.  
 So please be patient with me as I try to work on this.  Thank!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Covered Wagon

This year we are took a trip back to the Wild West.  Most of it was a review of what we learned last year, but we managed to learn some new things. One thing we did this year, that we didn't do last year was make a covered wagon.  

Last year I bought WinterPromise's Early American Trades & Crafts Kit.  This kit has lot of different craft kits that are already pre-made for you.  One of the crafts was to make a Covered Wagon.  We never did it last year, but this year Dare-Devil Boy really wanted to make one.  

So I went searching for the kit and pulled it out to make.  My husband did the main building.

Dare-Devil Boy paint the covered wagon.  

With the help of Wonder Girl

And I had the task of hand sewing the cover onto the wagon. Which took a lot longer then I thought.  There is the final product.  Hondo wanted to get in to the picture.

Not sure what to do with it now.  My husband plans on making it into a lamp.  But as for now it'll be sitting up a high shelf so it doesn't get broken.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Civil War Unit-War Between the States

We finished our first 6 weeks as we continue our study of American History.  We have gone back to WinterPromise using their American Story 2.  We just finished our study of the Civil War and the Underground Railroad. Which was a instant hit with everyone.  Here are some of the things we added to our Civil War study.  These are just a few things of we added. 

If you want a more full schedule then you can download it here.  It is only of the first 6 weeks that covers Civil War for now. But it has all the videos, books, coloring pages and other things I added for Civil War.

Here are just some of what we added for you to preview.

Books we used:

Some of the Videos:

There are 6 videos for this.  Here is the first one.

Lapbook & Notebook Pages 

You can find the link to the lapbook/notebook i made here: Last Safe House
Here is how it looked like when completed.

Civil War Lapbook I added.  I added lots more and you can find all of it in the schedule I made.  The link is up above.


Confederate Flag

Biscuit & Gravy with Strawberries
(Civil War time period meal) 

Two Layer Cake with Strawberry filling
(another Civil War time period meal) 

Fort Sumter Flag

Making Homemade wrapping paper

Well I hope you enjoyed all the added things we did.  The schedule I created I'm sure can be used for about any other American history curriculum, but it was made to be used as an add on for WinterPromise's American Story 2.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Field Trip with Planes

About a 2 weeks ago we took a trip to the army post near where we live.  The reason was mainly for a birthday party for one of the kids friends, but while we where there we took a side field trip to there museum.

We had a great time walking around the out side portion which held some old military airplanes.  Hondo probably had more fun then any of us.  He has a huge love for about anything that flies mainly planes and helicopters.  He spent the time running from one plane or helicopter pointing things out and wanting so badly to go sit inside them and fly one.  

This is my favorite picture of Hondo.
The out door museum even had a few guns.  Or at least it think they were guns.  But whatever they were they were cool and the kids wanted to fire them. We had a great time and the kids want to go back and see everything again.